I’m sure that any self-respecting guy watching last week’s Shelby American at Las Vegas Motor Speedway noticed the aggressive-looking Mustang pacing the field and found it almost as interesting as Kim Kardashian’s skin-tight jumper. Well, that wasn’t just any old Mustang, but a 2011 Ford Shelby GT350, a supercharged 5.0 liter beast capable of churning out 500-plus horsepower. Personally, I find that much more arousing than Kim Kardashian‘s cleavage.

It seems that one of the new Miss Sprint Cups digs cars as much as I do, because I found several pictures of this brute on the Miss Sprint Cup Facebook profile. Usually, their pictures consist of one or more of the Miss Sprint Cups posing for PR-friendly shots with various drivers, crew members, fans and confused children with cotton candy stuck to their cheeks. The shots of the GT350 were a welcome change.