So how is your New Year’s Resolution going?

Now is the time when we all aspire to work out more, eat less and find some other way to better ourselves in 2013. For the first few weeks of the year, things go great. For the remaining 49 weeks of the year, it’s back to the same old same old for 90% of the country.

When it comes to NASCAR, who will turn over a new leaf? Who will keep it the same as it ever was? Let’s break it down, Bert Convy style.

Win: Hendrick Motorsports will win the 2013 Sprint Cup

There’s a new car design, and this is the best-funded team in NASCAR. The cars are faster, and Kasey Kahne excels and speed tracks. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has consistency on and off the track. Plus he hated the COT. Add Jeff Gordon’s new found spunk and some guy named Jimmie Johnson, and I would be floored to not see one of their drivers take home the 2013 Sprint Cup in Homestead.

Lose: The Busch Brothers Will Behave Better in 2013

Both find themselves at a crossroads. Kyle Busch’s late season struggles are morphing from anomaly to trend. Kurt Busch is looking for one more big time ride.

For both, talent isn’t the issue. And for both, change might be part of the problem.  The team Kyle Busch looked lost with last year remains in tact. Kurt Busch has a better, but still underfunded, roster which makes optimal weekly performance almost impossible.

Winning races won’t be the problem. Keeping a 10th place car in 10th instead of finishing 30th after an overly aggressive move landed them in the wall is a problem. I’ll believe change when it happens for a consecutive year. I also really want to be wrong on this one.

Draw: Roush Fenway Racing Wins more in 2013 than in 2012.

Team Roush won five times in 2012. Greg Biffle is good for a win or two every season. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. replaces Matt Kenseth and can’t be expected to win in his rookie season.

That leaves a plate full of pressure on Carl Edwards. Edwards can’t be worse than he was in 2012 and tends to bounce back in odd numbered years. But even when Edwards was one point away from the 2011 Sprint Cup, he only won one race.

Edwards will win in 2013; I wouldn’t wager fake money on doing it more than three times.

I resolve to be done with topically gimmicked columns until the end of 2013. Good luck with your resolutions, and insert random catchphrase here.