2018 Team Preview: Furniture Row Racing All Lined Up


It was once said that to make a small fortune in racing, you first had to have a large fortune. Because of the expenses incurred running a top level racing team, it’s an incredibly expensive venture to try to stay on top. Martin Truex Jr. and Furniture Row Racing reached NASCAR’s pinnacle, winning it all with incredible performance in 2017.

If you’re on top, the question is one of how you stay there. It’s an incredibly competitive climate, with other teams seeming to have more than the Denver, Colorado Furniture Row team. No one would argue that much is owed to Joe Gibbs Racing- their technical ally- and Toyota Racing Development. Usually, when one things of one smaller operation being allied with another, it’s assumed the smaller team gets the table scraps. If that truly be the case, then Furniture Row Racing managed to make chicken salad out of chicken feed.

The organization has a couple of things going for it: first, they enjoy the ability to put all their eggs on one basket. After the departure of Erik Jones from the #77, Furniture Row Racing decided to sell that team off. A number of top NASCAR teams have suffered from having their resources too thin. This won’t be an issue for the 78 team.

Better yet, another reason Furniture Row Racing heads into 2018 with wind in its sails is that they are fully sponsored. Bass Pro Shops, 5 Hour Energy and to a lesser extent- Auto-Owners Insurance and Furniture Row will all adorn the hood of the 78. How cool is that? They dodge what is often the biggest headache associated with running a NASCAR team. No migraines here.

Getting to the top is a struggle. Staying on top is a greater struggle. Furniture Row Racing seems to have it all figured out. It’s all there: driver, crew chief, crew, money and a solid ride. Now they just have to do the thing……going now from the hunter to the hunted.