Today we’ll be taking a look at some of the real hard-core fans out there in NASCARland.  This collection of fans will make you realize that, no matter how big of a fan you think you are, you still have a hell of a long way to go before reaching their level.  I’m sure some of you will be quick to point out that some of these fans are not awesome at all, but merely interesting, funny or strange.  My response is as follows:  Write your own damn article, then!

No more Red Bull for you, young man!

What do you get when take an 11 year-old boy amped up on his third Red Bull, dad’s new camera, and approximately 4,337 die-cast cars in various states of disrepair?  I don’t know, but dad is going to be pissed when he finds out Junior has fried the little servo that works the auto-zoom.

Youtuber 53tuber 

This fan is proof positive that there is a fine line between a hobby and mental illness.  Dude, you may be out of your mind, but I admire your dedication.  If you’d like to see more of his collection, go watch the rest of his videos.

Lil’ Busch-hater

Mom and dad are proud of their little sprout!


Do I really need to explain why this guy is awesome?

On a budget?

Sharpie =1.98.  FedEx mailer= free.  Duct Tape= 1.39

Stock Car ballcap guy

You’ve got to respect a guy who wears something like this.  I bet the Cap of Tomorrow is more comfortable due to its enlarged greenhouse.  Speaking of cretin headgear…

Bud Light Head Case

Check out this guy’s sister…

Okay, so this may actually be a soccer fan instead of a NASCAR fan, but who cares?  Get a load of his sister!

Sasquatch Mullet Guy

My cat loves to lounge around in patches of sunshine because it makes his fur really warm.  I’m betting that’s exactly why this guy dares to go bareback in public.

Speaking of household pets…

@ the :33 mark – is that a dog collar?  Now, THAT’S awesome!

Tire Guy

Tire Guy is at the 1:28 mark.  I’ve got to respect this guy for having the balls to go around wearing nothing but a tire.  If I just happen to bump into some damn-near naked guy at a race, I’d want it to be this guy because I wouldn’t have to look at moobage or shoulder hair.

Any guy who owns a real NASCAR race car.

To hell with all those little metal cars that just sit there and collect dust.  Guys who really dig NASCAR don’t blow their dough on toys – they save up for the real thing!  You can read about some of these guys here.

Kevie the Fox

No, that’s not a nickname.  This is an actual domesticated fox who loves to watch NASCAR as long as her owner pins her down in front of the TV and won’t let her move.  Kevie’s owner is one of those irritating Youtubers who disables the embed feature on their videos, so if you’d like to see Kevie "cheering" for Kevin Harvick, you may watch the video hereSurgeon General’s Warning:  This video contains three "Boogity boogity boogities" and should be viewed with caution.  Overexposure to boogity has been known to make viewers watch baseball instead.

Jimmie Johnson’s biggest little fan

…  and the last person on Earth who still gets excited when he wins a race.

Jay Adamczyk

Jay Adamcyzk, otherwise known as Jayski, is probably the single most awesome NASCAR fan there is.  In August of 1996, Adamcyzk heard that driver Lake Speed was losing his sponsorship and wanted to know more.  He found nothing about this rumor on the Internet, so he decided to create a home on the web for NASCAR rumors and news by adding a rumor page to his NASCAR fan site.  The rumor page caught fire almost overnight, and 13 years later, Jayski’s Silly Season Site is THE online portal for NASCAR news and rumors.  I won’t write much on this subject because Adamcyzk has done a fine job of detailing his history himself.  You can read it here.  I’ve heard that Jayski’s is so authoritative that many drivers go there to see if they still have a job.