No, women are not just for decoration, especially in motorsports.  The fairer sex has found its way into the driver’s seat, the pit box and just about every job in the motorsports arena.  There are also many wives and girlfriends who take an active interest in the careers of their men, or use their fame to promote noble causes.  While I respect these women for the jobs they do, I can’t help but respect many of them for being smoking hot.
It wouldn’t be fair to count down to the single hottest woman in motorsports, because I know from reading the forums here at All Left Turns that our readers have very different ideas about who is hot and who is not.  That being said, let it be known that these women are not in any particular order. Enough talk. Let’s get to the pictures!

Buffy Waltrip

Forty-two-year-old Buffy Waltrip is not some giggly 20-something pit lizard. The wife of NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip is all woman and I love her for it.

Brooke Gordon

Jeff Gordon’s ex-wife. Former Miss Winston. One word…  DAMN!

Ingrid Vandebosch

Does anyone else find it odd that we still refer to Gordon’s ex-wife by her married name and to his new wife by her maiden name?  On the other hand, does anyone really care?  Is anyone actually reading this at all?

Ashley Force

Ashley Force is the daughter of 14-time NHRA champ John Force and has won three NHRA events since joining her father’s team in 2007.

Erin Bates

Thirty-one-year-old Erin Bates is a motocross reporter for SPEED TV and also is dating Sprint Cup driver Brian Vickers.

Eva Busch

The wife of NASCAR driver Kurt Busch is always a welcome sight on race day.

Samantha Sarcinella

Figures the most hated driver in NASCAR is dating one of its hottest women.

Connie Freydell Montoya

Not only is the wife of Juan Pablo Montoya gorgeous, she is also gracious and kind.  She and her husband run the Formula Smiles Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of Colombian children through sports.

Milka Duno

This 36-year-old Venezuelan IndyCar driver may only race part-time, but she’s a full-time hottie.  She is perhaps best known for her towel-flinging match with this woman:

Danica Patrick

We won’t spend too much time on Danica because we’ve spent most of the year talking about her. Instead, we’ll leave you with a video of the Patrick/Duno feud. 

Jamie Little

This uber-hot ESPN pit reporter once appeared on the cover of FHM wearing nothing but paint… and very little of it.

Lindsay Czarniak

TNT’s smart, hot pit reporter.

Lynne Allmendinger

I have no idea who the dude is, and I don’t care. Hi, Lynne.

Ashley Judd

Judd is married to IndyCar driver Dario Franchitti. Also, this might be the single greatest photo ever taken at a race track.

Shannon Spake

Spake is so popular that she received numerous write-in votes from fans in Playboy’s 2008 Sexiest Sportscaster Poll, even though she was – unbelievably – left off the ballot.

Chandra Johnson

Chandra is married to some guy named Jimmie Johnson

Nicole Scherzinger

Lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls and girlfriend of F1 driver Lewis Hamilton. If you lived in England, you would know who she is.

Delana Harvick

Hey Delana…  fewer fire suits and more spandex, please.

Erica Enders

Enders, 26, is an NHRA Pro Stock driver from Texas.

Angelle Sampey

Sampey is an NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle racer.  The 30-year-old Louisiana native has won 41 victories in her division.  Here’s one more pic:

Angie McBride

What is it about chicks and motorcycles? This 30-year-old NHRA Motorcycle racer is hot AND single, guys. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I find the idea of a woman who can hit the finish line in less than 10 seconds rather appealing.

Laurie Force

Mrs. John Force, today and yesterday.  I know I’ll probably take some flak over this one, but let’s face it: Laurie Force looks damn good for a woman approaching her 60th birthday.

Natacha Gachnang

The 21-year-old from Switzerland was the first female Formula 2 driver. Might have to start watching Formula 2. Whatever that is.

Leilani Munter

You’ve got to love a woman who wears coveralls, especially when she unzips them all the way past her naval and doesn’t wear a bra. Munter is a driver in the Firestone Indy Lights series.

Tiff Daniels

I didn’t know anything about Tiff Daniels until this week. Check out thie recent post on Daniels for more info and photos.

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