You won’t see one on the track anytime soon, (or ever), but it sure is fun to look at. The North American Eagle is an experimental automobile built from the body of a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter and powered by a 42,500 horsepower engine. The vehicle’s creators say they will try to break the land speed record of 763 mph next summer in Black Rock, Nev. They plan to go 800 mph, which is 45 mph faster than the speed of sound. The goal: pioneer supersonic land travel.

For everyone who thinks NASCAR is too bogged down in rules, check this out. In order to set the world record, the North American Eagle need only be timed through a measured mile, twice, and have the two times averaged. The vehicle needs four wheels (two of them steerable) and must return to the starting line within 60 minutes. That’s it. Said owner/driver Ed Shadle, "You race Formula One or NASCAR, the rule books are as thick as the Bible. For this, the rule book is a half-page long."


Shadle is 67 years old.

You can follow the team’s progress at: