ALT’s First Annual Tuesday Afternoon Blog Dump

If there is a God in a Heaven — and apparently fewer of us subscribe to that theory these days — that Man flat out owes Mark Martin. Big time. Martin has finished second in the championship four times, once by an infamous 26 points (in 1990), third four times, and fourth on three occasions. You could be forgiven if you figured Martin and Hendrick Motorsports would make beautiful music together in 2009.

Mark Martin and Hendrick Motorsports were going to produce a storybook ending to Martin’s stellar career. Yeah, well, so far, no good, says the Associated Press.

* Over at NascarInsiders, "Journo" offers a brutal takedown of Reed Sorensen and Casey Mears, wondering how it is the perennially mediocre manage to land quality rides.

* Some observers seem to think this Jeff Gordon fella might just win hisself a race one of these days … this guy at the Lexington Dispatch is sure of it, even!

* So, the economy, it’s bad, right? But, the weird thing is, it’s like there’s the economy sucks and it’s bad for NASCAR fatigue right about now and fewer outlets are addressing the matter, which is really strange given that three people showed up at Atlanta. Enter Sports Illustrated, which is here to tell you that, hey, the economy sucks and it’s bad for NASCAR.