And You Wonder Where Kyle Gets It

Apparently, immaturity runs in the Busch family. Ordinarily, it’s Kyle who behaves like a third-grader, telling his crew they suck after a bad stop or just basically behaving like a brat whenever things don’t seem to go his way. Well, clearly, Kyle had one whale of a teacher in older brother Kurt.

The following exchange between Kurt and car owner Roger Penske at Martinsville launched a minor firestorm within NASCAR; the debate centers on whether communications between driver and crew should be accessible to the general public.

The merits of that argument notwithstanding — and I say no way do you prevent the public from listening in — Kurt’s public display of frustration, perhaps understandable, is embarrassing, to say the least. Of course, it does immediately make him a favorite to win this year’s Most Obnoxious Busch Award.