* UPDATE: Police failed to capture the man who robbed the bank and have released this photo.
Now this is just getting silly. Yet another man wearing Dale Earnhardt Jr. garb has been linked to a bank robbery. Today police in Newton, N.J., arrested a man suspected of robbing the Frelinghuysen branch of Lakeland Bank. The New Jersey Herald reports, "Newton Police stopped an older model Ford sedan driven by a man that matched the suspect’s description, namely a white man with a goatee who wore a Dale Earnhardt Jr. NASCAR cap."
The man was arrested less than an hour after the robbery.
Good job ditching the disguise, Einstein.

Let us recap the recent NASCAR fan crime spree. In May, two men were arrested for stealing a Jeff Gordon lunchbox along with six frozen hams. This, in retrospect, was a cute crime. A day later All Left Turns ran a post about two NASCAR fans who were arrested for DUI on horseback. Again, cute. Then the stakes got a little higher. In June a man in a Dale Earnhardt Jr. shirt robbed a Salt Lake City credit union with a note. In July a man in what I first thought was a Dale Earnhardt Jr. hat, but now believe to be a Dale Jarrett hat, robbed a Memphis credit union at gunpoint.


Junior hat or Jarrett hat?

Last week a man in a Bobby Labonte jacket was part of an assault rifle-wielding crew that robbed a Chattanooga, Tenn., check, jewelry and loan shop. In August a Michigan woman who allegedly struck and killed a pedestrian was arrested when police later identified her vehicle because it had a Dale Earnhardt sticker. Then there was the monster from Indiana who admitted to whipping a 14-year-old girl with a belt because she disrupted his collection of Dale Earnhardt memorabilia.

Bottom line: if you see someone in an 88 hat or shirt walk into your local bank or credit union – run.

Bank robbery suspect nabbed in Newton (New Jersey Herald)

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