AP vs. ESPN: Let the Games Begin

In the red corner, we have David Newton of ESPN, with a belated Valentine’s Day love note to the much-beleaguered, always-maligned, Teresa Earnhardt. And over in the blue corner, we have the AP‘s Jenna Fryer, a scrappy brawler who lands some devastating counterpunches to Newton’s thesis and Teresa’s midsection.

So which is it? Is Teresa, as Newton would have us believe, the unfortunate recipient of too much unjustified abuse for singlehandedly destroying the once-great Dale Earnhardt Inc., and pissing off the namesake’s son? Or, as Fryer implies, is the distaff Earnhardt a greedy yahoo who overplayed her hand and further alienated the team’s remaining fans?

Hell if I know (though, given what I’ve been told over the years, I’m inclined to favor Fryer’s line of thought), but I do love me a pissing match; what I’d give to be at Phoenix this weekend when Fryer and Newton line up for the buffet.