Aric Almirola Has High Apple Pie in the Sky Hopes

In watching Nicole Manske (above) interview Aric Almirola about Earnhardt Ganassi Racing’s decision to shut down the No. 8 team on ESPN’s NASCAR Now, I was struck by one exchange in particular.

Let’s be clear: this is not an indictment of NASCAR or Aric Almirola but a general complaint about The Media. But, and with a nod to The Daly Planet, get a load of the following:

Manske: What have you been told about the possibility that they’ll find a sponsor down the road to get you back on the track?
Almirola: I think it’s okay. I think it’s pretty good. We’ve talked to a lot of sponsors from Daytona, and [in] just seven races, we’ve talked to a lot of sponsors, had a lot of sponsors interested in the race team, in our program, even in me, so that’s been encouraging for me, to have sponsors interested in me … I think we’ll be able to get things turned around and get back on the racetrack.

First off, the question — what has Almirola been told about the possibility that EGR will find a sponsor? The possibility? Hell, anything’s possible. I mean, it’s possible I’ll get propositioned by the hot young waitress at the Diner today. Won’t happen, but it’s possible. Really, would it have been too hard for Manske to ask Almirola a direct question? Aric, has anyone at EGR had any substantive conversations with potential sponsors within the last month?

Had Manske done so, we might have been spared Almirola’s answer, which, if you think about it, tells us absolutely nothing. I understand that Almirola is both desperately hopeful and in a difficult spot, but — he thinks the possibility is pretty good that the No. 8 will return in 2009? Right. Have I told you about the cute waitress at the Diner and how much she wants me?