If you’ve ever been on the track for driver introductions, you know fans leave messages on the wall. Some of these messages are encouraging, heartwarming and even touching. The other 97 percent are cruel or amusing or both. I photographed the ones that caught my eye Sunday at Auto Club Speedway. (Note to Kyle Busch haters: It’s B-u-s-c-h, not B-u-s-h. If you’re going to hate, please hate with precision.) Here you go.

I feel like this is a Carl Edwards joke

Intended audience FAIL

And Tony loves you too, Hawaiian-style pizza

Who let Michael Waltrip have the Sharpie?

I always knew this is how we’d find out

Should have followed this dude’s advice, Kasey

Little girls who draw smiley faces in their letter O’s heart Junior

From the Lack of Originality Dept.


But he doesn’t have your number, Emily!?! Now you’ll never be married!!!

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