Some drivers have all the luck. Kasey Kahne’s sponsor, Budweiser, throws parties in trendy clubs and Kahne gets to spend all evening smoozing with pretty girls. Jeff Gordon makes Pepsi appearances with Rihanna. Tony Stewart makes commercials flanked by models.

Life isn’t roses for everyone. Somebody has to get stuck with Furniture Row as a sponsor. Here are the worst sponsors to drive for based on the personal appearances that drivers must make.

4. Jeff Burton – Caterpillar
On the plus side, Burton does get to do a lot of traveling and Caterpillar makes a lot of cool machines.  On the down side, this is how Burton spent a recent week off compared to Kasey Kahne.

While Kahne spent the afternoon with Jessica Alba, Burton discussed the finer points of metal fabrication with these guys. The only excitement came when a man stood too close to a binding machine and his clothes were ripped off.
3. Regan Smith – Furniture Row
Last week, Smith attended the grand opening of a furniture store in South Carolina while Jimmie Johnson (and his model/wife) chatted it up with Tyra and other models.  


While Smith is forced to make appearances at furniture stores, shaking old ladies’ hands and helping them carry ottomans out to their cars, he has one advantage over fancier drivers: When he comes home at night to cry, he sits in the most comfortable recliner in the world.
2. David Reutimann – Aaron’s
Reutimann is a talented newcomer who is building a name for himself on the track after years in the lower circuits.  In order to race for the Chase, Reutimann had to take any sponsor that would pay for the ride. Unfortunately this ride is parked in front of an Aaron’s – while other drivers are hanging out with Rihanna at a Hot Wheels promotion.
1. Jamie McMurray – Crown Royal
The cruelest twist of all.  McMurray is sponsored by a fun-loving liquor company. On the first day Jamie asked, "Who are the high-rolling VIPs that you want me to entertain on race day?  I bet you want me to be seen with royalty or Russian models." 


Sadly, the answer is… Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag from MTV’s "The Hills."  While Dale Jr. talks about the Lakers and Celtics with Magic Johnson, McMurray is making small talk about "I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here."

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