Kyle Busch celebrated winning the Federated Auto Parts 300 NASCAR Nationwide Series race on Saturday night by smashing his trophy – a Gibson guitar painted by artist Sam Bass. Bass was "stunned and heartbroken" by the act, according to Scene Daily’s Jeff Gluck. Busch’s explaination: he wanted to smash the guitar into individual pieces he could give his crew.

Whatever the reason, Busch’s action was deplorable. Not that he did it. The guitar was his to do with as he pleased. We’re disappointed in the smash itself. It was a Sally effort – hardly rock ‘n roll. Busch might be able to drive the wheels of a stock car, but when it comes to smashing up music equipment, he aimed for a Who but landed an Ace of Base.

Look at everything that goes wrong here. The first swing fails to cause significant damage. Not only that, but Busch gets loose with the handling and loses his grip. Had Pete Townshend employed similar hand-eye coordination, thousands of fans could have been killed or injured on The Who’s many world tours. Busch gives it two more smashes and then bails.

The problem was that he failed to snap the neck of the guitar. As any anarchic guitarist will tell you, that’s the key. Snap the neck and the integrity of the guitar’s structure is compromised faster than the American auto industry at the sound of the words "free money."

Kyle Busch, you could stand to learn a thing or two from these guitar-smashing masters:

Pete Townshend – The Who