Biba Golic Needs to Think About Her Future in NASCAR

This list of the 50 hottest women in sports includes no one from NASCAR, which is problematic. It does, however, have Danica Patrick ranked No. 7.

This list of the 50 Hottest Women in Sports? It sucks on so many different levels. For the first and most important reason (at least as far as this site is concerned), it doesn’t include anyone from NASCAR. Sure, you’ll argue that there are no women drivers in NASCAR, and use that specious line of reasoning to justify the curious oversight.

Details, details. Let’s not get bogged down in details.

And really, the list does have the scrumpdiddlyicious Danica Patrick ranked at a lofty No. 7 — and, as we all know, the ethereally attractive Ms. Patrick has been rumored to be thinking about NASCAR, or at least, is known to have uttered the word NASCAR once in third grade, so, that’s all that’s needed in order to justify the list’s mention on

I’m not even so annoyed that the creators of this list were obviously heavily into the crack pipe when they finalized things — but, really, just say no, guys. Katarina Witt at No. 2? No. 2?? And do you mean to tell me that these people are unaware of the fact that Gabrielle Reese (No. 8) is a frickin’ man?!?

No, at the end of the day, what really has me pissed off is the fact that Biba Golic (above) hasn’t yet decided to give up this silly table tennis dream of hers and moved into NASCAR. We need to do something about that …