When Birmingham News reporter Doug Demmons hears a NASCAR official spout gobbledygook, he doesn’t dutifully quote said official. He calls shenanigans. Writing about a recent Brian France press conference, and specifically France’s answer as to why the sanctioning body’s drug policy does not include an appeals process like other sports, Demmons reports:

His response makes no sense whatsoever. I challenge anyone to explain what the heck he’s saying.

It is quite a challenge.

France’s quote: "On the appellate process, in our sport, when you want to walk around and say you have the toughest policy in sport, for a reason, 43 cars are cruising around at 200 miles an hour, we better have a tough policy. But we think the policy we have where we involve the doctors, the laboratory, and the member, at a time and a pace in terms of getting them reinstated at our choosing, and it’s usually, as you can imagine, a lengthy one, is the appropriate way for us to have the kinds of deterrents that we’re really after.

"We’re really after a very tough policy that’s thorough and that, most importantly, puts a very, very big deterrent forward for anyone who would like to think about violating that policy.

"We think that works for us."

What, exactly, is NASCAR chairman Brian France talking about? (Blog of Tomorrow)