Brian France and NASCAR See The Light

I have a friend who works for a NASCAR team. He sits on one side of the proverbial aisle. I sit on the other. We discuss. We debate. I tell him he’s full of crap. He tells me I’m naïve. I provide hard evidence to support my arguments. He tells me I’m wet behind the ears. I tell him he’s an unthinking dittohead. He tells me I’m a babe in the woods. I swear at him and malign his heritage. He laughs at me. Ultimately, when my continued use of facts gets in his way, he takes refuge in the following: “They’re all the same,” he says.
Maybe. Maybe not. Regardless, he and I do agree on one thing: hypocrisy sucks. In other words, we both found the news of Brian France’s come to Jesus moment a bit nauseating. Of course, France is by no means alone in his apostasy, joined as he was Friday night by one Rick Hendrick, who despite protestations of fealty to free-market economies and all other manner of right-wing dogma now also finds himself a staunch advocate of – wait for it – Socialism.
Forget for a moment that the US auto industry might well be the single-worst run business in history or that its leaders told us almost 30 years ago that they were ready, willing, and able to both get their house in order and build more economical and efficient cars, right around the time those morons at Chrysler went begging to the Feds. And forget for a moment that we have virtually no choice but to bail out these jackasses yet again.
What I find so nauseating is the out-and-out hypocrisy. France and Hendrick, among many others, have amassed vast personal fortunes, in no small part thanks to an economic climate and system that purports to reward only hard work and productivity, basic tenets of the right wing which France and Hendrick et al. like to tell us is really what NASCAR is all about. And yet, when that same marketplace begins to turn and threaten certain entities, suddenly, a fundamental premise of the heretofore hated Left – helping those who need our help – suddenly doesn’t seem so bad after all.