Most athletes have clauses in their contracts that forbid dangerous behavior like skiing, skydiving or riding a motorcycle. The fear of injury, getting too Ben Roethlisberger with your ride or out and out death gets most teams a little antsy. When you roll with Red Bull racing, those clauses seem to be either really small, or are totally nonexistent. profiled the wild and crazy ride that prompted Brian Vickers to re-sign with Red Bull Racing. When Vickers is not enjoying awkward silence with Kyle Busch, he is skydiving, kayaking, riding motorcycles on street courses and "enjoying the lifestyle that Red Bull offered."

"The Red Bull lifestyle means mainly you’re just allowed to be yourself, whoever that may be. You’re allowed to do the things you want to do, especially if they’re extreme. That’s always encouraged, but not necessary. If you don’t want to jump out of planes, Red Bull has never asked me to do something that I don’t want to do. But they allow me to do the things that I want to do – that is the Red Bull lifestyle and I like that." 

This is yet another example of how NASCAR differs from other sports. Management in Cleveland is nervous about Shaq getting in a pro wrestling ring. (It’s staged, Danny Ferry.) Drivers like Vickers can head out on dirt tracks, jump out of planes and do pretty much whatever they want. You know, because being teammates with Scott Speed is not dangerous enough.

Living the Red Bull lifestyle suits Vickers perfectly (NASCAR)

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