Bubba the Love Sponge: Safe for the Whole Family?

Situational ethics are a beautiful thing. Used effectively, they can justify seemingly any inconsistent action and make the actor feel okay about himself in the process. Take Talladega’s decision, with NASCAR’s approval, to name Bubba the Love Sponge grand marshall for the Aaron’s 312 Nationwide Series race.

Talk to me all you want about how Mr. Clem is a huge NASCAR fan and a race-team owner. I don’t particularly care. The guy is something of a boor, a man who has sometimes been called a "second Howard Stern." Now that’s saying something.

NASCAR loves nothing so much as to tell the world it is safe, family-friendly, nonconfrontational entertainment that can be enjoyed by one and all without fear of anyone’s sensibilities being offended. No Janet Jackson nipple slips in NASCAR. And yet, in the next breath, they decide it’s okay to associate with a guy who has no issues linking to porn on his Website?

The inclusion of Bubba in any sort of official capacity merely speaks to what I think is NASCAR’s schizophrenic personality. In one breath, it claims to be family friendly and in the next, semingly betrays those ideals in an effort to appeal to another group entirely. Well, which is it NASCAR? Are you family-friendly or are you desperate to appeal to the 18-to-34 male demographic?

No word yet on the rumors that O.J. Simpson will be grand marshall at the next Vegas race.