The final race for the Chase and several drivers are stuck on the bubble.  Matt Kenseth and Greg Biffle appear vulnerable to the charging Brian Vickers and Kyle Busch.  Could Busch lead the Sprint Cup in wins (4 – tied with Mark Martin), but miss the Chase?  Can Kenseth hang on to the 12th spot?  Which top 12 drivers are vulnerable this weekend?

To answer these important questions about NASCAR’s Bubble Boys, several other famous Bubble Boys weigh-in on who they think will make the chase. 

‘Brian Vickers will make it’ – Crazy Girl from Bubbles/Foam Party

Whoa!  This is awesome!  So much fun.  I’m drunk on tequila and Brian Vickers eight consecutive top 12 finishes.  Saying Vickers will make the Chase is like saying that I’m going to have sex tonight in the back of Toyoda Tundra – It’s gonna happen ๐Ÿ˜‰

‘Matt Kenseth is in and he scrubs behind his ears’ – Mr. Bubble

It’s Bubbles time!  No one brings more fun to the tub than Matt Kenseth.  He’s a consistant force in the series (2003 champ, 2009 Daytona winner).

‘Kyle Busch is in and I want a girl to kiss me’ – Bubble Boy

I’ve been trapped in a bubble for twenty-four years.  Will Kyle Busch make the Chase?  Much like my prospects for kissing a girl… it’s a long shot.

‘Lettuce…. Lettuce… Greg Biffle… Wheel’ – Hamster in Plastic Bubble

I could really use lettace.  I need to pee.  What’s that I smell?  Biffle’s poor showing in Atlanta was only temporary.  He’s a gamer who was third last year and second in the 2005 season.  Need water.  Can I eat this?  What does this smell like?