Burnt Out On Victory Burnouts- Thanks Ryan Blaney


Do you know one of the preeminent reasons why Ryan Blaney’s victory was so well-received? The young man exudes respect, right down to his victory celebration. Absent in his celebration was the ubiquitous victory burnout. If you’re as burnt out on the victory burnout as this fan is, it is a refreshing sight to see.

Even more refreshing is the reason why. Blaney skipped the victory burnout because of all the work and preparation that went into preparing his race-winning to car to destroy it. Think about what a burnout does to a car. As a musician, I’d liken it to taking an expensive, well-crafted guitar and smashing it. With all due respect to the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Pete Townshend, I think it’s stupid.

Can you think of a racer who is better matched to his team than Ryan Blaney with the Wood Brothers? They are one of the original greats. Just the sight of the 21 car takes you back to a simpler time in racing. Racing wasn’t the big money proposition that it is now. You did your best to take of the equipment because you had to. It’s one thing to get in an accident, it’s quite another to deliberately ruin your ride, especially if you won with it.

It’s a small gesture but it communicates something big. The 23-year old is showing a maturity beyond his years. It also sets Blaney apart from the pack. The victory burnout has become so commonplace, a lot of us are burnt out on it. It’s not to say that that such an expression of joy is untoward, but how about saving it for a special win.

Of course, Ryan Blaney’s first NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series win is a big deal. The fact he chooses to be different by not doing something is almost as big a deal. Never change Ryan Blaney. You may be that fan favorite NASCAR Nation has been looking for.