Busch vs. Harvick: What’s The Big Deal?

during the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on July 22, 2018 in Loudon, New Hampshire.

So Kevin Harvick employs the bump and run to loosen up Kyle Busch for the win at New Hampshire. Have you looked carefully at the video? That bump and run was more like a touch and excuse me.

OK, maybe the contact was a little heavy. Harvick got into Busch pretty good on that last move. It could have been worse. The idea here was overtaking the lead, not putting Kyle in the wall. It’s a fine line, but there’s a difference.

Busch didn’t seem to broke up about it. Fans getting their knickers in a twist over Kyle’s comments- I just don’t think they’re really listening. It’s like move along, there’s nothing to see here.

What this fan heard was that Busch had a lot of trouble with his car at New Hampshire and his team put forth a lion-hearted effort to make it competitive. They did that. He did question whether the touch from Harvick was necessary, but finished with the line that you race how you get raced. That’s how it’s always been between those two.

Yes, Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch have rattled swords, and it’s boiled over. In today’s NASCAR, it’s perhaps the fiercest rivalry. They’re both hard chargers. Busch and Harvick will employ the chrome horn. And that’s the thing: both expect to race hard and get raced hard.

In this specific instance, it’s readily evident that no one was intending to wreck anybody, ad on a shorter track like this, a bump and run is an acceptable maneuver. As to Kyle’s comments, it would have been interesting to see if it were someone like a Mark Martin in the car. Some drivers race hard regardless of the style of the opponent.

Regardless, it would come as a surprise to see Kyle Busch make some retaliatory move up and out of nowhere. What I think we can read from Busch’s comments is that the finish at New Hampshire was no surprise to him, and there’s no anger there. On the other hand, if the shoe ends up on the other foot, Busch will race Harvick the way he feels he got raced by the four car. It doesn’t seem from here that anyone has anything to apologize for.