Will the Busches Make History at Martinsville?

Remember, just a few short weeks ago, between California and Vegas? All those stories we read about how Matt Kenseth was seeking to become the first driver in NASCAR history to win the first three races to start a season? How’d that work out?

Kenseth, of course, blew an engine on the pace lap or some such and was on his way back to Carolina by about Lap 17. So, now, we’re told that the Busches, who equalled a record set more than 50 years ago by the Flock and Thomas brothers in 1952 by winning four straight races (the Flocks did it again in 1955), can break it with another Busch family win this weekend in Martinsville.

So … will Kyle or Kurt maintain the roll? Will the Brothers Busch surpass a record established by some of the sport’s greatest names and families? Will we be witness to history? Will The Bachelor and his Babe find true, everlasting happiness?