While Carl Edwards might have waited until the end of the season to get in gear, he’s wasted no time this off-season to become a cologne king. Edwards is launching his own fragrance called Turn 4XT that captures "the spirit of competition and the thrill of the chase."

Edwards isn’t the only driver who will soon be releasing a fragrance, although Carl is the only driver to get the endorsement of NASCAR fan John Cena.  Here’s a preview of five new colognes NASCAR drivers are releasing this holiday season and a brief exerpt from their promotional materials.

Sweaty Helmet by Clint Bowyer

Women agree on very few things, they have different taste in men, in clothes and hairstyles. One thing they all agree on is the sexy scent of Sweaty Helmet. Try this cologne made from the authentic sweat of Clint Bowyer’s helmet. A little dab of Sweaty Helmet and the ladies will grab hold of you like a HANS device. Women will swoon as they inhale the musky odor caked inside Bowyer’s helmet.

Shove by Jeff Gordon
A rough and tumble man needs a strong cologne. For those times you need to let your natural bad boy out, it’s time for Shove by Jeff Gordon. With fragrant hints of apple and Texas Motor Speedway exhaust, it’s a scent that says, "I’m not mad enough to fight. I just want people to think I could fight, but I really don’t want to." Drive the ladies wild into Turn Two with this cologne.

Gasoline By Denny Hamlin

Fuel economy is for wimps (and guys who finish 39 points ahead in championship races). Real men aren’t afraid to burn gas to impress the ladies. When you wear Gasoline by Denny Hamlin you won’t care where you finish in the points race, because you’ll finish first in the ladies race. Splash on a little Gasoline and get ready for women to perk up. Warning: Don’t stand too close to an open flame while wearing this cologne; it’s made from real gasoline.

Dirty Air by Tony Stewart
Sometimes you don’t want to be the nice guy, you want to get a little dirty. That’s when you want Dirty Air by Tony Stewart. The rustic fragrance of Dirty Air will make you think you’re standing right behind a group of hunky, sweaty NASCAR drivers as they cut the wind. Smoke spent a lot of time in traffic this year collecting dirty air from other drivers. Packaged in a leather satchel, Dirty Air will leave the ladies saying, "It smells like Tony Stewart’s Dirty Air in here. I want to kiss someone."

Burn Rubber by Jimmie Johnson
You need a cologne that lets the ladies know you lay it down on the track. You need Burn Rubber by Jimmie Johnson. The cologne combines the smell of burning tires with rosewater and cinnamon for a combination that says "Champion." Let the chumps do back flips when they win a race, you’ll be too busy doing burnouts with the ladies to notice their post-race celebrations.