Last week Carl Edwards announced that he and his wife Kate are expecting a baby girl in February. After the drivers’ meeting at Lowe’s Motor Speedway, a bunch of drivers threw Edwards an impromptu baby shower. While Edwards was only registered at GNC (for diapers, a baby bjorn and Baby Pro Performance Amino Powder) he received a variety of gifts from the guys. All Left Turns got an exclusive look at the baby gifts.

Kevin Harvick’s baby gift: Roof-mounted baby seat

Harvick had this baby car seat custom made to fit his friend in the 99 car. The downforce created by having the baby ride up top gives better grip in the turns. If he chooses this set-up, Edwards will likely need to pit every 20 laps for a diaper change.

Tony Stewart’s baby gift: Tony Stewart’s Stubble Tonic

Tony only uses Tony Stewart Brand Stubble Tonic to maintain a fresh sheen on his ever-present stubble. And now he makes his stubble tonic for babies. It’s all the rage for babies who want that rugged, "I’ve been in the playpen all day and haven’t had time to shave" look. 

Denny Hamlin’s gift: Lucky rabbit’s foot

Hamlin found the rabbit’s foot three weeks ago. A top-5 finish at Kansas Speedway got Hamlin pumped about this lucky talisman. Hamlin held onto the good luck charm for the next two races and … apparently this rabbit’s foot is a one-timer.

Jimmie Johnson: His first-place trophy from Dover

Jimmie doesn’t really need all those first-place trophies; there’s no need to be greedy. Besides, this is possibly the greatest changing table ever created.

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