Change might be coming to The Chase, as talk of an elimination-style format has started to bubble. In this case, change may not be a good thing. Enter Denny Hamlin, voice of reason. 

"I hate the constant change," Hamlin said. "Nothing ever stays the same. Our sport was originally designed to crown the champion after 36 weeks and that is because this is a sport where if somebody else makes a mistake, it can cost you. No other sport, if another team makes a mistake, you’re the one who benefits, you’re the one who wins — you win because of it. This sport, a competitor can make a mistake and cost you. That’s why I think we originally chased this out into 36 weeks to make sure you brought it out into a long enough season to where the true champion was crowned every single year. The more you narrow that up and keep resetting points, keep adding guys, the more you’re making this a sport by chance and luck is going to be a factor."

NASCAR flirts with Chase changes (