There are many problems with the Car of Tomorrow. It doesn’t turn well in corners. It kills right-side tires. All of the cars look the same. Also, the Car of Tomorrow causes itching, vertigo, dizziness and tingling in extremities. Pregnant women, the elderly and children should avoid prolonged exposure to Car of Tomorrow. Do not taunt Car of Tomorrow.

Oh, wait, those last few actually are from the Saturday Night Live commercial parody for Happy Fun Ball.

Bottom line: The list of real complaints about the COT is long. Mike Mulhern reports that NASCAR appears ready to do something about it.

Problem is, no one is exactly sure what that something will be.

"I think they’re going to go look into the engines – to maybe reduce horsepower," Denny Hamlin said. "Maybe do something to the cars…but it’s tough to say whether they’re going to add downforce or take it all away. 

"But I think they are going to make changes to the car. And I think it’s going to be after a lot of meetings with team engineers and finding out what we need to do to make them better."

So there you have it. Something is being done, even if we don’t know what it is.

It’s a start.

Changes coming to improve the car-of-tomorrow (Mike Mulhern)

For your enjoyment, the SNL classic…