Charlie Villanueva Shows NASCAR the Way

By now, perhaps you’ve heard that Milwaukee Bucks’ forward Charlie Villanueva (above left) posted to his Twitter page during halftime of a game against the Boston Celtics on Sunday. And while Bucks’ coach Scott Skiles wasn’t pleased with his player’s decision, it gives me an idea …

NASCAR ratings are down, there’s an undercurrent of dissatisfaction with the quality of racing, cautions are up … let’s have NASCAR drivers post to their Twitter pages during the race! At least during cautions or pitstops. How long is an average pitstop? 14, 15 seconds? Hell, any teenager worth her salt could crank out two posts in that time. And just think how much more exciting all those caution laps would be if your favorite driver let you know exactly what he was thinking at that very moment!  

With a nod to Mr. Villanueva, who posted as "CV31," his initials and uniform number, here are just a few possible posts that we could see this Sunday — if only NASCAR climbed on board to take advantage of this new, exciting technology:

TS14: Tires suck, no grip. 

RG7: Think anyone would notice if I cut through the infield?

MW55: The NAPA Toyota Camry is runnin’ good and I think we have a good shot to finish in the top 38.

DE88: Dang, where’s my pitstall again?

KB18: I said it before, I’ll say it again: The COT sucks.

JL20: Sliced Bread? Hell, I’m toast!