To Chase, Or Not To Chase …

You’ve got to love sports — there’s always room for pointless, stupid endless debate. Witness for the prosecution: this contribution to the dialogue, which argues that perhaps Jimmie Johnson owes his historic success to a change in hte rules and not, you know, just because he’s been, like, better than everyone else?

While the writer does give Johnson his due and acknowledge that he merely played by the rules as written, he offers us these two gems: I have to wonder, though, if Jimmie Johnson isn’t a child of The Chase. While others had trouble in those last 10 races, he merrily had good finishes on his way to a championship.

The first is just patently asinine. A child of The Chase? What the hell does that even mean? Are the eleven drivers who didn’t win therefore the red-headed step-children of The Chase? And that second sentence just might be more inane than the first — merrily had good finishes? In other words, he performed better than everyone else? 

For the love of Pete, give it a rest already. It. Doesn’t. Matter. What. The. Rules. Are. Or. Were. Or. Might. Be. Or. Could. Be. Or. Should. Be. Or. Will. Be.

The Germans did not develop the atomic bomb and use it to change the course of history. We did. We won.

Johnson didn’t develop The Chase. He just drove his ass off. And buried the competition. He won.