Checker O’Reilly 500 Auto Parts 500 at Phoenix International Raceway
Chase race: No. 9
Date: Sun., Nov. 15, 2009
TV: 2:30 PM ET on ABC
Race time: 3:30 PM
Favorite: Jimmie Johnson

The week in review:

Comment of the week
In response to Patrick Reynolds’ list of five reasons why the Sprint Cup needs dirt track races, Oldtimer Racer made this comment: "I totally agree with you. I have been saying that for years. I have enjoyed watching David Pearson, Buddy Baker, Richard Petty and others broadslide thru the turns at Lincoln Speedway in Hanover Pa. back in the mid 60’s. They used to race dirt/clay, road course, asphalt, short and long tracks. They could use the same cars they race now, Just change the shocks,springs and sway bars and of coarse gear ratio’s. It would be great for the sport and creat New Fans and oldtimers like me. There is a large list of great tracks, like Eldora, Hagerstown, Lincoln, Williams Grove just to name a few. But knowing how Mr. France thinks. It will never happen."

Thanks for signing your comment, Oldtimer Racer!