Chili Bowl Nationals Whets Racing Appetites

Chili Bowl

This week, Tulsa, Oklahoma becomes racing central with the Chili Bowl Nationals. While the name conjures up injures of a cook-off, what’s really being served up is Midget car racing at its finest with an all-star roster of racers that include some of NASCAR’s biggest stars.

As this is being written, Kyle Larson and Rico Abreu have already posted qualifying wins. Their victories qualify them for Saturday’s main event. Abreu- who has had a couple of cups of NASCAR truck series coffee- is seeking his third Golden Driller trophy. Larson, a dirt-racer of renown before coming to NASCAR, seeks his first. Christopher Bell seeks his third title in a row, coming off a 2018 campaign in the Xfinity Series where he was a 7-race winner.

The Chili Bowl brings the big time and the backyard side by side. There’s the nationally known names, such as Kasey Kahne, and then there’s five-time Chili Bowl champion Sammy Swindell. That’s ok, he hasn’t heard of you either. This event also features racers from such far flung places as New Zealand and the U.K. It’s cool how it brings the racing community from far and wide together.

Oh heck. I could tell you about it, or I could show you. Here’s a cool video from  featuring Chase Briscoe. Intense, eh?

The coolest thing of all, it’s just racing. Good, old-fashioned, scrap in the dirt racing. Winning the Golden Driller is truly all that matters.

Catching it is a little trickier. MAV TV carries the Chili Bowl, and in my neck of the woods, it’s hard to come by. Nonethless, in this day and age of on-demand media, you don’t have to wait long for video or a story to pop up on social media.

It’s just fun to talk about, because for once we’re not talking about the survival of a racing series, cars that fans and drivers don’t like, and all the other troubles that plague NASCAR.

It’s just racing. Good racing.