Christopher Bell Three Peats At The Chili Bowl

Christopher Bell 2

Now that’s some racing right there. In his bid to win three in a row at the Chili Bowl Nationals, Christopher Bell over took Kyle Larson on the final lap in the main event to come away the victor. Why isn’t this guy in the Cup series yet?

Sometimes you win a race by being an opportunist. Bell took advantage of Kyle Larson being stuck in traffic to capture the lead. Until that point, Bell had not led in the race as Larson appeared sure to take the checkered flag. For the Chip Ganassi driver, it was another day of disappointment at the Chili Bowl. Last year, engine trouble short-circuited a strong performance to force Larson out. Second place may be tough to take, but there’d be about 300 some other drivers who’d be happy to take it. His day will come.

As for Christopher Bell, he’s developing a racing resume that is hard to ignore. He won the truck series championship in 2017, and between the  truck series and Xfinity, Bell already has 15 wins. For the roots racing, you have to love that Bell’s first Gander Outdoors Truck Series win came at Eldora. Looks like we have a racer’s racer here.

You get the feeling the 24-year old Oklahoman is bound for NASCAR glory. What always impresses this observer is a racer who can win on a variety of surfaces and track types, and one who can “steal” a victory when his car isn’t the fastest one out there that day.

There’s a truckload of good young racing talent coming down the pipeline. I sure hope fans give these guys a chance and embrace at least one of them. While the dynamics of motorsports has changed, and we just don’t have the day where some farmer comes out and captures a shocking race win, within the mix of personalities are at least a few I think some can get behind.

Christopher Bell is one of those drivers.