Cleaning Up NASCAR’s House?

I fundamentally disagree with Mr. VanZandt’s opening premise that the Big Three’s current problems can be laid squarely at the feet of unions (whose membership has declined pretty dramatically in the recent past) and other, supposedly unreasonable demands placed on manufacturers by silly little things like environmental regulations. However, his subsequent assessment of NASCAR’s recent policies and the steps the sport needs to take in order to protect its place in the sporting landscape is quite reasoned, accurate, and worth reading.

Oh, but another thing, Vonnegut: sure, American products may in fact be improving by leaps and bounds, as you say, but when your baseline is the Ford Pinto or the AMC Pacer, that’s really not saying a whole lot. Honestly, have you sat in the driver’s seat of a Pontiac Solstice? The cockpit of that otherwise gorgeous car is a horrible mishmash of heinous plastic stamped to resemble leather, which it most certainly isn’t. I’ll take my Honda Fit any day.