Who? Clint Bowyer? He Did What?



It seems like a few years back, I remember this racer named Clint Bowyer. He was kind of a funny guy, big into Elvis, and he seemed like he was really coming into his own in NASCAR. To put it a more family friendly way, compost happens. Until Monday, the sunny-natured Kansan hadn’t won in 190 races! That’s one hellacious dry spell.

A lot happens in what amounts to five years. Clint Bowyer got married, had a couple of kids, went through a couple of teams, and here is now running around with Tony Stewart’s old ride. That’s a good place to be. That’s four wins for Stewart-Haas Racing in six starts for the 2018 season. This organization is rockin’ it, as all four of their drivers, Bowyer, Kevin Harvick, Kurt Busch and Aric Almirola are all inside the top 11. You don’t get there alone when it comes to reaching the checkered flag, and all bodes well for SHR.

The point is this: a lof of the struggles for Clint Bowyer were a by-product of racing for weaker teams. Michael Waltrip Racing was gaining strength before “Spingate” ruined everything. Not to be mean to HScott Racing, but his season there can be likened to racing purgatory. It may have taken a season, but it’s obvious the good ship Bowyer is on a rising tide.

Oh sure, he’ll have his ups and downs. One other missing ingredient in the career of Clint Bowyer is consistency. Given the state of things now, the soon-to-be 39-year old has all that he needs in his corner to be successful.

That’s all a racer needs sometimes- a team that is all rowing in the same direction. This organization is in a good place right now. Bowyer is in a good place. Let’s see what this win at Martinsville Speedway does in terms of providing a boost of confidence.