Michael Waltrip Leads a Statistical Category?!?

Statistics can be made to support damn near any point of view. And though it’s no real shock that Jeff Gordon is leading this week’s Loop Data statistics from NASCAR — a season-worst 13th and five other finishes of sixth-or-better and the points lead will do that — the fact is, numbers can lie.

And how do I know this? Michael Waltrip (that’s what’s left of him and his car at Bristol, above) leads all drivers in a category. Something called "Closers."

I’m sorry, what’s that? That category is a measure of how many positions a driver improves in the last 10 percent of any race? Oh, well, in that case … never mind!

Hell, I mean, if you’re running 35th all the time, how hard can it be to move up the four spots Waltrip has averaged in the first six races, right?