It has been a bad week. The race on Sunday stank and every columnist worth his salt correctly annihilated NASCAR for Talladega, the boring Chase and the rest of the sport’s ills. And so, to change the tone of this site, if only for one post, I offer you the video below. Toyota, Great Clips, BraunAbility and Braun Racing teamed up to give away a one-of-a-kind wheelchair and wheelchair van at the Nationwide race in Charlotte. The kid who won is named Kody Harlow, and, yeah, he was pretty excited. Check out the chair and the van. They are tricked out!

Kody suffers from Mitochondrial Disease, which affects the cells responsible for converting energy for the body. He has spent a considerable amount of time in the hospital. You can read about him here. Kody’s hobbies include hassling Kyle Petty.

That’s a good boy.

Fan van giveaway (BraunAbility)