A Cooler Head Prevails

Storylines in NASCAR have a way of repeating themselves. Roughly 872 times per year, every year, I’m asked to read the latest earth-shattering piece about the Daytona 500, NASCAR’s Super Bowl.
Even more predictable and proportionally more annoying are the 4,322 annual stories that tell me today’s NASCAR is populated by wussies and things would be so much better if we could just get Cale and Donnie to throw down every once in a while.
And while I’ve already worked myself into a pretty healthy lather in anticipation of the 11,873 When will Gordon win again? stories that are waiting to be written, there are some topics that do warrant repeated coverage.
Front and center in that very small fraternity are stories like this one, from ESPN’s Ed Hinton. If ever there’s a story that bears repeating, it is this; in short, NASCAR not only will survive this economic cataclysm, it could well ultimately thrive as a result of it. Yes, this period is and will continue to be depressing and difficult, but it will end.
But, don’t take my word for it, take Hinton’s, one of the sport’s most knowledgeable and intelligent observers.