Over at The Bleacher Report, writer Sam Hegan has a unique take on the Jeremy Mayfield drug saga. Hegan says he is physically disabled, which requires him to take pain medications. As a result, he is randomly screened on a voluntary basis to make sure he is taking the proper dosage of medicine. The clinic he goes to uses a drug-screening machine on the premises. Two years ago Hegan submitted a urine sample. The nurse who looked at the initial results of Hegan’s drug test asked Hegan, much to his shock, if he took crack or barbiturates. I’ll let Hegan take it from here:

The first thought through my mind was, this has to be some kind of elaborate joke, so I smiled and before I could catch my runaway mouth uttered, “Why hell yeah, at least twice daily.” She frowned and walks out of the room. I was so proud of myself for not falling for such a crude deception.


A few minutes later, my doctor walked in and announced that she could no longer treat me due to the regulation she operated under. I need to let her receptionist know where to send my medical info. Talk about knock me over with a hammer. She was dead serious.


I asked her why I was being tossed out on my rear. She said that when the test came back positive and I confessed to Nurse Ratchet that since I indeed was consuming illegal drugs twice a day, I no longer qualified for the pain regiment she offered. Now I was wondering, what positive test? Well, my just-taken random pee test came back positive for both crack and barbiturates.

Hegan was allowed a second test, which came back negative. Still, the experience was enough to convince the writer that modern drug-testing procedures are not foolproof. NASCAR claims that Mayfield has twice tested positive for meth. Mayfield claims that he has been tested by independent drug labs and that the results show he does not take drugs. You can read Hegan’s entire story, as well as his take on Mayfield and NASCAR, here:

Could NASCAR be wrong about Mayfield, drug tests? (Bleacher Report)