cubs fan throws beer

Remember this photo next time some jerk-off tells you that NASCAR fans are all a bunch of drunken hicks. While it might be true that a certain percentage of us are drunk and, indeed, hicks, it is also true that bad fan behavior permeates all sports – including our national pastime. A fan at Wrigley Field last night dumped a beer on Shane Victorino while he was attempting to catch a fly ball. (Which, amazingly, Victorino caught. The guy’s a pro.)

According to Deadspin, the perpetrator was this guy:

asshole sports fan

I know what you’re thinking: What a douche. The stupid white sunglasses. The cocked hat. The unnecessary wristband. This guy has Tool Academy written all over him. And he is a tool. When security came, he fingered one of the guys sitting next to him and security tossed the wrong guy, leaving Captain Douche to get away clean. Chicago police are now asking for anyone who has info to contact them. Video after the jump. 

So what have we learned from this incident? Dumb sports fans are everywhere – not just Talladega. Stadium security people are pretty much useless. Shane Victorino deserves to be an All-Star. And we have just witnessed the greatest travesty to take place at Wrigley Field since Jeff Gordon tried to sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame.


UPDATE: Captain Douchebag has turned himself in to the police.


Stay Classy, Cubs fans (Deadspin)