Back in June I wrote about Glenn Jones, the 69-year-old mechanic from Carrollton, Miss., who wrote a song, which was recorded by Ray Steele, about Jones’s favorite driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. The song was posted on iTunes. Unfortunately, iTunes only allows you to listen to 30-second snippets of songs, so if you wanted to hear the whole thing before you purchased it, you were out of luck. Not anymore. YouTuber RacingDmp has created a music video (below) for New 88 that includes the song in its entirety. If you like New 88, I have provided a link at the bottom of this post that takes you to where you can buy it.

Side note: I am not getting anything out of this. I have spoken to Jones a few times and he strikes me as a terrific guy with a heart of gold. He doesn’t know a lot about how the Internet works, so I am trying to help him get some attention for his song, which I think Earnhardt Jr. and Sr. fans would enjoy – if they knew about it. Also, if my car ever breaks down in northern Mississippi, I am pretty sure he might give me a 20 percent discount on parts.

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The song is available on iTunes for $0.99 and at amazon.com.

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