Danica Patrick is all over the news this week. Days after telling The New York Times that she will consider jumping to NASCAR when her IRL contract ends this season, PaddockTalk reports that Patrick will grace the cover of the June issue of Shape magazine. Which means I will be picking up my first copy of Shape magazine, a magazine that one can only assume covers the hard-charging world of shapes.

Earlier today SI’s Mark Beech wrote that he believes Patrick will make the leap to NASCAR. He is basing this call, as all men do when it comes to guessing what women want, on nothing at all. Beech concluded, "I don’t have a crystal ball into which to gaze, just a gut instinct. And my instinct tells me: brace yourself. Here she comes."

Beech’s post comes two weeks after SI colleague Bruce Martin predicted that Patrick’s next contract will be with an IndyCar Series team.

Why do you hate America, Bruce Martin?

It’s been a tough season. Just let us have this one thing…