Jim Rome, host of Jim Rome is Burning and famous receiver of a shove from Jim Everett, interviewed Danica Patrick this week while Patrick was in Los Angeles for the ESPY awards where – brief tangent here – she was photographed looking absolutely Lilliputian, but did look stunning in this dress.

Patrick wore high heels and a partially see-through blue dress to the Rome interview, where she was her usual no-nonsense self, but did manage to crack an occasional smile. Rome was kind enough to ask a few yawners about the IRL, the answers to which caused him to make this face:

Patrick told Rome that she earned her reputation as a bitch on wheels because she wanted to communicate to her team, through emotions, that she had a deep desire to win and was afraid that walking around without an attitude would convey a sense of complacency. Rome asked Patrick if she had made up her mind regarding what she will do next season. Patrick’s response: "Have I made up my mind? I really, actually, haven’t. I love IndyCar. It’s what I’m familiar with. (I am) having a good year. I’m having fun with the team, with all the drivers. Obviously, it’s all familiar now. But I’m interested in the excitement of NASCAR. I think the racing looks like a lot of fun and there’s a lot of opportunities there."

Patrick also talked about the possibility of racing for Tony Stewart, an owner who made the transition from open-wheel racing. She sounded excited about the possibility. Patrick toured Stewart’s shop earlier this week.

You can watch the full interview here:

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