On Second Thought, Danica Patrick Would Look Good in the Cup Garage

In an earlier incarnation of this site, I took another writer to task for suggesting that NASCAR needs to convince Danica Patrick to come join the Sprint Cup Series fray.

Well, it’s clear to me that I didn’t think this matter through clearly enough. Not at all. And I’m enough of a man to admit when I’m wrong and, it just so happens that I think I might have been a little hasty in reaching a conclusion on this important matter. Much, much too hasty. Too hasty indeed.

Having only just tracked down my copy of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue — my 13-year-old son swears he’s just been engrossed by the articles for the the last nine days — it’s abundantly clear to me that I’m wrong, that I made a mistake. A terrible, horrible mistake.

Lordy, did I screw up.

NASCAR needs Danica. I need Danica. You need Danica. Hell, we all need Danica!