Those are not my words. I’m pretty squatty myself. While making a promotional appearance at a Florida water park on Wednesday, Danica Patrick said that her talent as a driver is what has made her a sex symbol. Said Patrick, "If I wasn’t a race car driver, trust me, nobody would be hiring this 5-foot, squatty little girl" for model shoots. Patrick is 5-1, 100 pounds.

Patrick soon will be taking her positive body image to Maria Shriver’s annual women’s conference where she will appear alongside reality TV shrew Kate Gosselin, beer heirress Cindy McCain, cheated-on wife Elizabeth Edwards, TV news lightweight Katie Couric, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and actress Kelly Preston

Squatty or not, Patrick has legions of fans. One guy who paid a $31.95 admission to the park plus $10 for parking and $6 for a glossy photo said he would have gladly paid more for the chance to have his photo taken with Patrick. "I’d pay twice or three times what I paid to get this photo of me with Danica," Kris Ayres told The Palm Beach Post. "It’s going to be on the desktop for my computer at work. I’m going to blow it up and put it on the wall, too."


Check out the Palm Beach Post’s photo gallery from Patrick’s appearance here:

Danica Patrick makes local auto fans motors’ race (Palm Beach Post)