What a month for GQ. The latest issue of the men’s magazine has Erin Andrews photos (taken pre-peephole), an article and gallery on Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, a feature on SI Swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker and a four-page advertorial for Tissot Swiss Watches with IndyCar driver Danica Patrick. They must be really good watches. Patrick is wearing two of them in the photo above. More photos and captions below.

In this photo, Patrick clings to her lover, whose quirky habits include snorkeling in swimming pools. They’ll both need Tissot watches to make sure they’re home in time to watch MythBusters.
Here Patrick stands next to a wall in my Aunt Phyl’s living room. Patrick does not want to leave because nothing good can happen right after a bare-armed man in a racing helmet pulls your arm violently.



And finally, Patrick thinks she’s sitting on a chair at a latex party, but what she doesn’t know is that her chair isn’t a chair at all. It’s Daily News reporter Rex Penfield and he’s got himself one heck of a scoop.

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