Is she coming to NASCAR? Will she stay in the IRL? We promise to stay all over Danica Patrick until she makes her decision.

Marco Andretti says Danica Patrick is not a good teammate. Following the race in Texas last weekend, Andretti accused Patrick of racing him too hard – for fifth place. “The toughest people out there passing me are my teammates, and I don’t get that,” Andretti said. “I think three of the four of us get what the camaraderie of Andretti Green Racing is.”


Andretti finished fourth and Patrick finished sixth. Patrick called her aggressive driving "fair and square."

You can add the George family power struggle at IRL to the list of reasons that Patrick will consider jumping to NASCAR, according to Sports Illustrated. "What you want in a league is stability and upward momentum. I have no idea what that is right now,” Patrick said. “There seems to be conflicting answers and ideas on what is really happening."

Patrick has employed powerhouse sports representative IMG to explore her possibilities outside of the IRL.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, the second of the Boost Mobile ads that recently stirred up trouble for Patrick. Hope you like moobs. This 30-second spot has plenty of them.


Andretti and Green argue over battle (DoxCar)

Patrick eyeing NASCAR as George saga unfolds at IRL (SI)

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