Is she coming to NASCAR? Will she stay in the IRL? We promise to stay all over Danica Patrick until she makes her decision.

In Indianapolis 500 qualifying, Danica Patrick currently sits in row four, 10th position, with a speed of 222.882 mph. While Patrick was qualifying, team owner Michael Andretti was overheard on the radio telling her to “use all the tools.” (No matter what the situation, when a man tells a woman, “…use all the tools,” it can’t sound anything but strange.)

An Indianapolis television station reports that sales of Indy 500 and IRL-related memorabilia are as strong, if not stronger, than last year, in spite of the current economy. Heading this windfall is Patrick, who outsells many of the other drivers. She is the Indy version of Dale Earnhardt Jr. She does not win that often, but she sells.

Got milk? Patrick does. After her Go Daddy commercial spots and Sports Illustrated and Shape magazine appearances, only one question remains: Got any more photo shoots we should know about?

Where does Patrick eat in Indy?

According to Travel Detective Peter Greenberg, Patrick has been spotted at some of the more chic eateries in Indianapolis, which, unbeknownst to anyone outside the Central Indiana region, are all steakhouses.

But Danica doesn’t eat meat.

She’s a fish eater.

Fish at a steakhouse? Go figure…

Patrick and NASCAR? No new news on that front. But Beyond the Track adds its voice to the growing chorus of those who say it will not happen.


"D. Patrick – Carnivorous-Speedipus"