It looks as if we’ll have to wait until the end of this year’s IRL season in October for an announcement from Danica Patrick as to where and with whom she will drive next season. NASCAR still seems in the mix. But Patrick’s comments also suggest she will strongly consider remaining in the IRL.

Even though she has yet to climb into a stock car, Patrick appears to have a firm grasp on what surrounds the sport.
“NASCAR has so many viewers and so many partners,” she said. “There are just lots of options both inside and outside the car. So there’s reasons, and it looks like fun. Oval racing is always fun. It’s you racing against everyone else, it’s very competitive. It’s kind of like the Indy 500 every weekend. That’s a lot of fun as a driver to be part of something important, and something people want to watch.”
 The demographics Patrick covers are alluring, from IRL, NASCAR and even F1 race fans, to Go Daddy votaries, and antifreeze users who want “Peak” performance from their cars. Now Patrick is endearing herself to teenagers. On June 16 she was nominated for a Teen Choice Award. You can vote here on the Teen Choice Awards Web site. (Must be 18 years and younger and accompanied by a screaming Jonas Brothers fan).

And finally, because we love you, and because we have not posted this on our site yet – someone screwed up! – we give you video of Patrick’s 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue shoot.


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