Is she coming to NASCAR? Will she stay in the IRL? We promise to stay all over Danica Patrick until she makes her decision.

The Boost Mobile commercial in which Danica Patrick’s Andretti Green pit crew dons tube tops, mini-skirts and stiletto heels has seriously ticked off one member of the transgender community.

Activist/blogger Monica Helms claims that Patrick’s latest commercial not only makes others in the transgender world go “ballistic,” but may also encourage Americans to discriminate against transgender people.

This is the commercial in question:

So upset was Helms that she went to her company’s human resources department to complain. Why? Helms works for Sprint Nextel, which is Boost Mobile’s parent company. Helms claims that she has received a sympathetic ear from the company’s human resources, advertising and marketing departments.
Wrote Helms:
“If Boost Mobile had not been part of Sprint Nextel, I would have viewed the commercial, posted a comment on Facebook, tell some important LGBT organizations and let them take on this issue. However, I have access inside the company, allowing me to get names and contact information of people responsible for this commercial.
“I explained to (HR) why myself and the transgender community find the commercial offensive, then I framed it to how it affects me at work. Every time I go onto the company intranet, I see a picture of Danica Patrick, which reminds me of the commercial. I would feel uncomfortable when my coworkers would make snide remarks about the depiction of the pit crew in the commercial, make my work environment a bit more ‘hostile.’”

Helms said she is going to try to “convince Boost Mobile to do something for the transgender community to help smooth out this issue further.”

On the track
, Patrick followed up her third place finish at the Indianapolis 500 last week with a fifth-place showing in Milwaukee on Sunday. That marks four straight top-five finishes for Patrick, who has established herself as one of the top drivers in the IRL. Next race is this Saturday in Texas.

It turns out that one day with Patrick proved one day too many for blogger John Royal, a self-proclaimed hater of golf, soccer and auto racing. He recently decided to bite the bullet and watch an IRL race on TV and, as a hater of auto racing, the predictable happened.

“No matter where Patrick is in the race, she seems to be the only person that exists. Just as, if Tiger Woods is playing, he’s the only person that exists – no matter how far out of contention he might actually be… I understand the whole sex sells thing. But if Indy Car racing is ever going to get past NASCAR, it’s got to do more than just throw out Danica Patrick in every ad, promo and interview.”

Mr. Royal, Indy racing will never “get past NASCAR.” What the IRL is trying to do is survive. There is a big difference.

Finally, here is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the commercial that rocked the transgender world: