ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue will hit newsstands on Oct. 9th.  The issue includes famous athletes posing nude or nearly nude.  While race fans may not be excited about the prospect of seeing Carl Edwards and Mark Martin in the buff, everyone is buzzing about Danica Patrick rumored photos. 

ESPN has Patrick’s photos under lock-and-key, but AllLeftTurns has an exclusive look at Danica’s photos.*  She insisted that the nude or semi-nude photos be "tastefully done." Rather than just another photo spread of her bent over the hood of a car, Patrick turns up the hot hot heat with some unconventional photos for ESPN.  Check it out.
* actually, this statement is false

1. The Thinking Man’s Topless Girl
Danica Patrick loves reading about world events in the buff.  Men respect her intellect, which is why she likes to take her top off, climb into a classic sports-car and enjoy the latest issue of the Economist. 

2. So Hot… In This Head-to-Toe Uniform

Danica likes to turn up the heat after the race.  To celebrate a good finish, she’ll invite all her hot, single friends over.  They will drink a little wine, maybe a spontaneous pillow fight will break out and then everyone gets "a little more comfortable" and heads to the sauna.  For Danica, "a little more comfortable" means changing into her full track suit.  So Sexy. 

3.  Naked on the Beach
Danica knows what sells magazines – nudity.  Which is why she chose to bare it all in this photo.  The photographer wanted to show how sexy and lonely she is by shooting a wide shot of Danika.  She is seen here, naked and dripping wet from the ocean.  gggrrrrrrr.

4. "I’m Ready for My Close Up"
No one on-set could believe Danica would pose naked in such an sexually explicit way for the Magazine.  Several production assistants passed out from the sheer sexiness.  Two female literary agents, on set for business purposes, french kissed at the sight of Ms. Patrick.  A very naughty Danica Patrick stripped down and got dirty in an unmentionable pose that will surely go down in history as ESPN Magazine’s most erotic.  Unfortunately, the photographer also passed out from Patrick’s kinky pose and so the task was given to a lighting technician who has never operated a camera before.  This is a close up of Danica’s left temple.